An Adults Playground of Pot – Use Marijuana Safely – Ebook on CD – PDF version


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Isn’t Marijuana more potent than it used to be?

With the new legalization in the United States – won’t people be trying pot for the first time?

How can we prevent our family and friends from having a bad experience, since pot is so potent?

Won’t they have to be shown how to smoke until they are used to it?

That’s what this E-book is for!

To guide new users how to
use Marijuana safely

and to give current users more information about how to get their newly turned on friends stoned with a great experience the first few times; instead of having them freak out.

That’s not all that’s in it; because there is more information about pot than that:
There is information for new users about how they will feel from the effects.
Instructions about what to do if a new user gets paranoid.
How to recuperate if they use too much.
What to do while stoned.
When shouldn’t you get stoned.
40,000 words about Marijuana, get your copy now!

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